Dior is a European brand of luxury goods, run by a French businessman Bernard Arnault. Bernard also leads LVMH, the world’s largest luxury fashion group. ...The company was founded by the designer Christian Dior in 1948, and today the company designs and retails ready-to-wear products, leather essentials, Dior sunglasses and normal Dior eyeglasses, fashion accessories, footwear items, jewelry, unique timepieces (watches), fragrance, and skincare items while also maintaining its tradition as a creator of recognized haute-couture, under the Dior Couture division.

At the shades hut, we have Christian Dior Sunglasses available in different styles and frames such as cat eye, butterfly, wrap, sports, round, Dior Eyeglasses RX Edition, Christian Dior Sunglasses Round with Gradient Lens, Dior Sunglasses Men Round Style Dark Grey Gradient Lens, Dior Sunglasses Women Squared Style Green Lens, and many other models of Dior glasses and Dior eyeglasses available on our store.

Christian Dior opened his very own designer fashion house with the help of textile manufacturer Marcel Boussac. Dior released his very first collection in 1947, which he named as “Corolle”. It was named after a botanical term for a circle of flower petals. The new selection was a huge success, and its creations continued to influence luxury fashion house designers for years to come. One of the historical fact about the brand “Christian Dior” collection is that, it helped to re-establish Paris as the world’s fashion center in the year following the World War. At present, the luxury brand Dior continues to hold a prominent place in the fashion world.

Dior fashion accessories are sold throughout its retail stores worldwide, as well as through its online stores. The general manager, Jacques Rouët of Dior Ltd, devised a licensing program to place the now-renowned name of "Christian Dior" visibly on a variety of luxury goods, in 1950. It was placed first on unique neckties and soon was applied to hosiery, furs, hats, leather gloves, jewelry, scarves, and especially Christian Dior sunglasses.

Christian Dior glasses are considered as the leading, luxury eyewear race in the fashion world. The popularity of Christian Dior sunglasses took a leap forward with the release of the ‘So Real’ range for the Spring/Summer 2014. Indeed, very few brands sunglasses are recognizable by shape alone. And Dior glasses are one of them. In Dior sunglasses women, we have Dior Sunglasses Gold/White w/Brown Lens Women DIOR-SOELECTRIC-266NR-58, Dior Women Argent Blue w/Silver Lens DIOR-METALLIC-SSPKW-63, Dior Blacktie Women's Sunglasses Black w/Grey Mirrored Lens DIOR-BLACKTIE213S-LMWJI-52, and many more types available.

In Dior sunglasses men, we have BlackTie Eyeglasses Havana Black w/Demo Lens Men DIOR-BLACKTIE186F-M61-53, BlackTie Eyeglasses Havana Black w/Demo Lens Men DIOR-NEW-51, Sunglasses Khaki Matte Black w/Grey Lens Men Mirrored DIOR-BLACKTIE226FS-TCL3U-53, etc. If you’re currently searching for any pair of Dior glasses then see the variety of Christian Dior at the shades hut. As shades hut is a premier site which has a huge collection of Dior sunglasses, and normal Dior eyeglasses. Inspired by the latest fashion trends, there’s a pair available of Eyewear for everyone. We deal in all brands of sunglasses.

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