Versace VE2176


Featuring Mirrored Lens, Round Shape in Pale Gold Frame Color, the Versace VE2176 12524Z is a Perfect Sunglasses option for Women.

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Medusa is a Greek mythological figure whose head is the Versace logo. In their youth, the Versace siblings played in ruins in Reggio Calabria, which inspired the logo. Medusa is the symbol used by Gianni Versace as a symbol of love because she had no way back for people who fell in love with her. Versace VE2176 12524Z will make you fall in love with it and then there won’t be a day you won’t go out without wearing it.

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Details Of Versace VE2176 


VE2176 12524Z

Versace VE2176 12524Z Sunglasses is the latest addition to The Shades Hut Sunglasses category carefully designed for Women, it can be utilized in summers, and they are a great option for taking good pictures. The Rimless Frame designs along with Pale Gold frame color are the most delicate of the glasses that are to be cared for in a special way yet they are in demand because they don’t conceal your natural features and give you a natural look. Round Sunglasses designs are best suited for round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.


VE2176 12524ZThe frame material used is Metal. The Mirrored Lenses used in it are the most durable lenses with a great endurance level. A great option for those who are allergic to the sun rays as they are 100% UV light resistant and don’t require a certain angle to stop those sunrays, unlike other lenses. The anti-glare feature helps an easy-going in driving and outdoor activities in the sun, snow, or near water while also providing you greater anonymity as your eyes are not visible because of the design.

Shipping Policy

VE2176 12524Z

When buying VE2176 12524Z from the designer brand Versace, Shades Hut will provide secure and free shipping across the USA on this product, and other products as well. Moreover, a flat rate of $25 to Canada and shipment across the globe at competitive rates is also considered. The packaging comes with a Versace Box, Original Case, Protective Cloth, Documents, and Extra Nose Pads for the future.

Free Returns

A 30-day return policy at The Shades Hut is in line with our mission to satisfy our customers by giving you an option of a complete refund, a gift card, or a replacement. If you are not happy with your purchase, feel free to contact us.

All in all, the Versace is a great product, and here at TheShadesHut, we commit to providing the most authentic products at, best price, with buyer-friendly policies. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


Model Number

VE2176 12524Z





Frame Type


Frame Material


Frame Color

Pale Gold

Lens Color

Grey, Mirrored Rose Gold





Lens Size

59 mm

Bridge Size

18 mm

Temple Size

135 mm




VE-4, VE-7

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