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Tom Ford is a designer luxury brand and fashion company established by the renowned fashion designer and American filmmaker, Thomas Carlyle Ford (aka Tom Ford). Having served as a creative director of the labels as remarkable as Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford exhibited his brilliance for over 10 years.

Tom Ford Prescription Glasses

The creative genius of Thomas Ford was translated into his newly established company. So much so that within 3 years of its foundation, the brand successfully featured reputable celebrity models and icons for its women’s RTW accessories launch in 2010. Ford, in 2005, partnered with the Marcolin group for manufacturing, production, and distribution of Tom Ford Sunglasses men’s and women’s variants. For its shades and eyeglasses, the brand initially focused on bold full-rim frame design; and that, in fact, has become the recognition of Tom Ford glasses eventually.

Tom Ford Eyeglasses

With Tom Ford eyeglasses, forget any subtlety and amplify your facial exposition to infinity and beyond. The brand offers a unique blend of a reckless exhibition and contemporary style with its metal frame design. Yet, with all these brave & bold Tom Ford glasses frames, the brand never compromises on comfort and convenience. And that indeed is the reason, despite the thick frames of Tom Ford round glasses, Tom Ford Gold glasses, and Tom ford square glasses, these remarkable Tom Ford eyeglasses, overall, are incredibly lightweight and go easy on eyes.

Tom Ford Sunglasses

The Tom Ford sunglasses carry equal comfort and grace as the eyeglasses. Planning an adventurous camping or trekking trip? We recommend wearing the sleek & sturdy yet the most modern Tom Ford sunglasses all day long at your upcoming audacious ventures, as they tend to come up with exclusively Tom Ford polarized sunglasses alongside gradient & mirrored Tom Ford shades.

This modern lens technology creates a protective layer over your eyes to help you steer clear of dazzling sunlight or glare. Furthermore, the half-tinted gradient lens combined with mirrored technology also makes the Tom Ford glasses your ideal driving companion. So, forget battling the incoming sunlight through the windshield when driving your way home in the afternoon from now on.

Pacify your fun-loving personality with the exquisite Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses specially designed for soft & subtle faces. You may also try out these unique Tom Ford half-rim glasses bringing striking details into your expressions. Or else, if your facial features depict prominence, choose the wildly famous Tom Ford aviators and Tom Ford Julie sunglasses to flaunt your matchless beauty in style!

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