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In the late 1930s, Bausch & Lomb was tasked to develop a unique eyewear product for an American test pilot Lt. John A. Macready, with an intention to protect the aviators from glare, UV, and harmful rays. Resultantly, a successful prototype was launched and was highly regarded as a Ray-Ban polarized, anti-glare, UV protective lens eyewear product. That’s where the brand got its name from. Indeed, the word Ray-Ban quite fittingly suits this exceptional eyewear company.

The greatness of Ray-Ban glasses is further stamped by the fact that as of 1999, the brand is fully owned by Luxottica, a huge conglomerate and the world’s largest eyewear company. Over the course of 85 years, Ray-Ban has subsumed the contemporary fashion and style within the lines of elegance and grace in its Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

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Ray-Ban makes sure that you get maximum protection against glare with each variant from its diverse range of sunglasses. To serve the purpose, the brand incorporates half-tinted gradient lens technology into Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses providing full UV protection when driving.

The rectangular sunglasses are a treat to the eyes when you observe the colors of nature through Ray-Ban Chromance lenses. So, go for rectangular frames or wear the Ray-ban hexagonal full-rim sunglasses with such exceptional technology in your upcoming trekking or camping trip. The glasses also feature varying frame materials to bestow you with multiple options.

If strength and sturdiness are what you want at your disposal, go for metal frame Ray-ban sunglasses polarized. If your preference comes down to convenience, comfort, and ease of wearing, our outlet has got plastic, polycarbonate, and acetate frame glasses for you. So, choose the most fitting one for your upcoming activity.

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