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Prada is a luxury fashion house and designer brand based in Milan, Italy. The brand is exclusive with its fashion & travel accessories, leather products, perfumes, designer eyewear, and other ready-to-wear products. The company was founded, initially as Fratelli Prada, in 1913 by the renowned fashion designer and innovator Mario Prada. We at The Shades Hut have stocked a great number of Prada eyeglasses and sunglasses; not just the ones you see in the listing, but a plethora of such is all set to arrive.

Prada Sunglasses

Prada women sunglasses are the primary claim to fame of the label, yet Prada men’s sunglasses do hold a significant name in the world of designer shades & fashion eyewear. When it comes to integrating the latest lens technology with the elegant frame design, Prada seems to be a maestro of this art. For instance, who doesn’t want to embellish themselves with meticulously designed Prada cat eye glasses at club parties and discos? Well, Prada goes one step ahead and incorporates mirrored technology in most of its cat-eye and Prada shield sunglasses range to adorn your personality with enhanced clarity.

The gradient technology you might find in Prada square sunglasses & vintage Prada round glasses ensures the total elimination of glare to protect your eyes when working outdoors. Never miss out, though, on polarized lens Prada sunglasses that ensure excellent compatibility with your style to be your long-term outdoor companion.

Prada Eyeglasses

The men’s & women’s collection of Prada eyeglasses is equally remarkable. We’ve amassed a good stock of Prada eyeglasses frames ranging from in-fashion oversized to the traditional square frames. On top of that, the Prada eyeglasses assortment is available in a variety of lively shades; be it Prada black eyeglasses or the distinctive burgundy and violet colors.

Prada round eyeglasses and aviator range is sheer elegance. If its plastic and acetate lightweight frames provide ease of wearing and flexibility at one end, the strong and sturdy metal frames provide the utmost durability at the other.