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The origin of full rim round glasses dates back to the 1700s when the first hands-free glasses were built. The eyewear, with the sheer excellence of human craftsmanship ability, has seen several revamps over time making it a timeless and irreplaceable frame type. Showing its distinction throughout the industrial revolutions, the full rim glasses type found its way into modern-day’s fashion.

Let it be Oakley’s very own oversized glasses with the exclusive Prizm technology, or the trademark way-farer & aviator glasses of Ray-Ban, the true glamor and grace are only depicted once they show up in full rim style. The Shades Hut has got it all to fulfill your appetite for a rather bold designer eyewear.

Full Rim Sunglasses

The full rim sunglasses are deemed ideal for you no matter what personality type you have. For your restrained nature, our full rim glasses enhance your confidence by concealing your facial features to the maximum. As for the extroverted ones, these bold frames would readily draw others’ attention towards you making sure that you remain the center of attention in the social gathering or at your workplace.

Strength and sturdiness are the two major aspects of the full rim sunglasses that make them the most enduring frames of all. Riding on the privilege of the utmost strength, full rim sunglasses can be integrated with all modern lenses – from Mirrored & Gradient to the “notorious” polarized lens.

Full Rim Eyeglasses

Comparing the full-rim vs half-rim glasses, the full rim eyeglasses focus on a bold & daring outlook rather than subtle & understated. Likewise, the rimless frames expose the maximum aspects of your face, while these full rim eyeglasses cover your facial features yet provide an incredibly alluring look. On top of that, the acetate full rim glasses we feature are extremely comfortable and go easy on your eyes; so much so that you can wear them all day long without any strain or burden over your eyes.