Fake Oakleys: How to Spot Fake Oakleys

Being evident to American glamor and stylistic sense, Oakley remains one of the most desirable labels to put on. The eminence of Oakley certainly induces a drive to experience the luxury. Well, your craving to wear this remarkable eyewear shouldn’t dwindle with the fake models out there in the market. The fake sunglasses have indeed stormed the market as soon as Oakley stamped its prominence among the fashion freaks. All this makes you wonder, “how to spot fake Oakleys?”

10 Ways To Spot Fake Oakleys

Want to know the workable tips to spot fake Oakleys like a pro when buying your brand new pairs from a local outlet? Here’s everything you should look for in your Oakleys to authenticate their originality:

1. Check the Price Tag to Spot Fake Oakleys

Pricing is one major and a rather obvious way to identify fake Oakleys. Now, it’s one thing to find discounts or cheap prices for some legitimate reasons. In fact, multiple retailers and online outlets do offer eye-catching discounts on real Oakleys.

However, if the price of your Oakley shades or eyeglasses, particularly the brand-new ones, sounds too good to be true, rest assured they’re counterfeits.

Usually, the price for new untouched Oakleys ranges from $80 to over $100, depending on the frame, lens technology, model, and overall specifications. Being on the safe side, anything being claimed as new Oakley pairs below $50 is (most likely) nowhere near to the real glasses. So be sure to steer clear of such retailers & outlets.

2. Confirm their Existence

Now there, if we’re prudent enough to spot the fake Oakley sunglasses from a mere price tag, so are the manufacturers of these “Foakleys”. Even if you’ve found a good range of expensive pairs, you need to check whether they exist or not.

Simply put, type the model name you intend to buy and see what shows up. Every real Oakley has a specific name with enough information about the model collated on google.

Even if a pair shows up, see if the specifications such as colorway, frame, and lens over the internet are in line with the pair you’re buying. You may visit Oakley’s own website or the optimized ones showing up on top 3 in the Google SERPs for further validation.

3. Stay Wary of Invalid SKU on Counterfeits

SKU refers to the Stock Keeping Unit, a unique alphanumeric code assigned for the model’s identification. The older pairs of Oakley had a five-number SKU with the sequence of two and three numbers separated by a dash; for instance, 12-345.

Oakley, quite recently, has been assigning new codes with a distinctive sequence to its pairs for better authentication. The recent Oakley eyewear comes with a six-digit SKU code; starting with “OO” followed by four digits (identifying the frame model), a dash, and two more numbers (specifying the colorway); e.g., OO1234-56

Look out for the SKU pattern. You can find the code somewhere on the inner side of the temple. It should match either one of the aforementioned sequences.

Quite possibly, the counterfeiters might have followed a similar pattern to add details into their lie. Better be the smarter one and spot fake Oakleys by searching the code up on google. It is least likely that the fake Oakley sunglasses model you’ve signed up for would go with the one that showed up on google.

4. Inspect the Lens Etchings

The etchings on the lens of Oakley glasses vary depending on the type of glasses, i.e., prescription or non-prescription, polarized or non-polarized, Prizm or non-Prizm lens shades, and so on. However, there are definite parameters to clear things out in this regard.

If you spot any non-prescription shades or eyeglasses with the so-called etching of the traditional Oakley’s “O” upon its lenses, rest assured that the pair is big deceit in the name of real Oakley.

The brand never etches the logo “O” on its lenses. It is rather the trademark “polarized”, “Prizm”, “Prizm P” for the Prizm glasses, and “Oakley” for some shield variants. As for the non-Prizm eyewear, the lenses would remain clear without any etching or markings.

It is equally prudent to mention that the trademark “O” is mostly etched on the ordered prescription glasses. So, you must distinguish both to spot fake Oakleys with more precision.

As we mentioned earlier, Logo placement is yet another factor that makes the genuine Oakleys more distinguishable. Spot fake Oakleys simply but inspecting the placement of the famous “O” logo. The real Oakley sunglasses and eyeglasses feature the trademark “O” typically onto the temple arms.

The logo is never imprinted on the lenses (for non-prescription eyewear), nor is engraved on the inside of the temples. However, it is prudent to search the exact model (via SKU code) on google and check out the presence & placement of the logo.

Any inconsistencies relevant to the placement of the logo verify its forgery. Even if the placement is right, make sure the pair you have purchased has the shape of that “O”, both square & round, strictly in line with that of the official Oakey logo.

6. Look Out for the Stickers

No, that “P” sticker clung with the adhesives or glued to the surface never indicates the genuine “Prizm” lenses of Oakley. Nor does this stylish P stands for polarized sunglasses. Basically, any marking in the form of a removable adhesive sticker that flecks the surface upon peeling is a big knock-off.

However, Oakley does feature a unique & static sticker with a stylistic “P” which is easily identifiable. Furthermore, it isn’t glued on the surface, never has the seamed & raised edges, and doesn’t leave a permanent stain or residue when peeled off. Anything sticky apart from that specific “P” with the said characteristics is enough to render that eyewear downright fake.

7. Judge the Lens Clarity to Spot Fake Oakleys

Aside from etching and stickers, a crystal-clear, uniform, and the seamless lens is an indication of genuine Oakleys. Put on the glasses and test their originality for yourself. The lens should provide a clear view without any blurriness, fading, scratches, spots, or blemish. Your brand-new Prizm or polarized must qualify for these attributes given the kind of standards Oakley has maintained with its eyewear products.

Not just seamlessness & high-definition view, but you can also judge the performance of the lens for the purpose it serves. Being a sunglasses enthusiast, we believe you must have a good deal of information about the type of sunglasses you intend to purchase.

For instance, the exclusive Prizm lenses of Oakley adjust the wavelength of the incoming light and balance the contrast for clarity of vision. The polarized lens eliminates the glare, no matter how dazzling the sunlight is, at a given time of the day. So, wear your just-bought pair and judge the ingenuity with its performance.

8. Check Out the Packaging Items

Might seem a rather simple way yet remains pretty helpful in figuring out the fake glasses is to look for the content you’ve received. Focus on the details primarily when looking into the contents.

Oakleys usually come with an external packaging box, a hard case with a cleaning cloth or just a microfiber pouch, and papers (authenticity certificate & warranty card).

The packaging box is a hard cardboard box having the details of the shades or eyeglasses model, the barcode, colorway & frame code, etc. While any missing information doesn’t necessarily indicate the fake sunglasses but makes sure whatever is written on the box matches with what is inside it.

Besides, anything shabby depicting low-quality improper brandings, wrong spelling & typos, inconsistent fonts, or inappropriate logo; all these indications should be enough to make you doubt their originality.

9. Spot Fake Oakleys from the Paperwork

Every Oakley pair accompanies the documents with some paperwork about care. Read that extensive paperwork and see if it is meaningful enough to be adjudged authentic. There shouldn’t be any typos & grammatical errors; the model name and alphanumeric code should also remain consistent with that of the actual product. Counterfeiters can create a duplicate one, but they’re likely to leave obvious errors.

10. Take a Glance and Examine Overall Quality

Apart from drawing up technical details to conclude the fake Oakleys vs real Oakleys debate, you as a fashion-freak can easily spot the fake glasses by simply examining their quality. See what’s missing at first glance:

Does that precious label of “O” have a quality engraving on the temples?

Are the temple-arms seamless enough to give the vibe of originality?

Is the color on the inside of edges and hinges the same as that on the entire frame owing to the pre-dyed plastic?

Does the adjoining portion of temples and frame look flawless with no additional gap?

If your answer to all these ponderings is NO, it’s highly likely that the glasses you’ve just got to fill your appetite for real Oakleys are a big fat fake.

Fake Oakleys
Oakley Glasses

Buying fake Oakleys can be a terrible experience for all the shades-lovers out there. We all know how much excellence the genuine Oakleys carry with them and that’s what we aim to flaunt while putting on these remarkable glasses.

While counterfeiters can daunt your anticipation to experience luxury, you can easily do away with their forgery with little yet worthy effort. Stay focused on the details and authenticate via valid information over the internet.

Before we sign off, we’ve prepared a questionnaire to address your genuine concerns regarding the fake Oakleys vs real Oakleys debate. Be sure to check it out.

FAQs About Fake Oakleys

How to spot fake Oakleys at a glance?

Oakley never compromises on the quality of its frame & lenses, which makes it easier to spot them at a mere glance. Ensure that the Oakley pairs are in your hands: have seamless hinges, have SKU code imprinted, are not ridiculously cheap, and do not have “O” etching on lenses (non-prescription).

Are made in China Oakleys real?

Yes, Oakleys are manufactured in China as well, alongside Italy. Luxottica, the owner company of Oakley, established its facility in 1997 in Dongguan, an industrial city of Chinese Guangdong province. So, your “made in China” Oakley pairs are very much authentic.

Where do I find real but cheap Oakley sunglasses?

Buying genuine but cheap Oakleys online is quite risky for obvious reasons. But our outlet The Shades Hut offers reasonable discounts on Oakley eyewear alongside returns option to satisfy your rightful concerns. Receive your Oakleys within 2 business days of shopping. The box would accompany all the necessary contents with the genuine Oakley warranty card straight from the official manufacturers.

The microfiber pouch or hard case is missing from my packaging box. Does it mean my Oakleys are fake?

The packaging box typically contains a pouch or hard case. Their absence might raise doubts about the Oakley pair. However, it does not confirm its forgery unless the product shows an invalid SKU, a bogus modelname, or a flawed certificate/warranty card.

Do all the outlets with discounts on Oakley eyewear are counterfeiters?

No, not all the outlets or retailers offering discounts are selling fake Oakleys. It all comes down to the price tag or percentage of the discount. A discount of 20%-30% seems reasonable, but a “70% off” price tag on a brand as luxurious as Oakley is outright deceit.

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