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Finding the right pair of sunglasses to fit your personal style is often an important part of making your summer outfit picture perfect. But beyond “picture perfect,” a carefully chosen pair of sunglasses can grant you great health advantages and help safeguard your eyes against the elements.
UV (Ultraviolet) rays consist of UVA and UVB rays that can be potentially dangerous if the correct eye protection isn’t worn. Research has suggested that UVA rays can have a catalytic effect in the long term development of serious eye conditions later on in life, such as cataracts or age-related macular degeneration. Cataracts can cause your vision to become cloudy, and inevitably lead to cataract removal surgery, whereas macular degeneration results in the loss of central vision, which cannot be presently be cured.
Excessive UV radiation is not the only risk sunglasses can help you reduce. Everyday reflective surfaces, such as snow, water, road surfaces and car windshields, reflect a great deal of light and can do significant damage to your eyes with extended exposure. Good sunglasses can do a great deal to protect your eyes against this glare. Furthermore, sunglasses can help prevent potentially life threatening situations by reducing the chances that bright glare may momentarily blind you while driving or biking.
Quality sunglasses are also very important for reducing eyestrain, headaches and fatigue. The opening at the front of the eye, called the pupil, controls the amount of light that enters your eye. In conditions in which a great deal of light is present, such as when you walk outside on a very sunny day, the pupil may be unable to constrict enough to keep light to a comfortable level, causing you to squint in order to further limit the amount of incoming light. Muscle fatigue associated with constant squinting and the continued constriction of the pupil can cause headaches, fatigue and eyestrain.
Protect yours and your family’s vision today to prevent further deterioration in the future, and if in doubt, stop by at any of our branches to browse our sunglasses selection, including names like Ray Ban, Prada, Tiffany & Co and Gucci as well as many more.
We have both non-designer and designer options for children too, depending on your budget and a variety of lenses options that we can go through to meet your eye care needs.
  • Aug 13, 2020
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